Developing the sales side of training

Building subpages using a simple editor.

Intuitive training development

Drag & Drop course construction.

Training schedule

Possibility to determine when further training modules are to appear.

Creation of training packages

Grouping of off-the-shelf training and the possibility of bundling.

Multi-level training structure

Training courses can consist of modules, and modules can consist of topics.

Simple training management

Easy and clear editing of training content and the sales page.

Provision of quizzes and knowledge tests

Ability to add a quiz or knowledge test to the training module.

Learning focus system

Stripped of the distracting elements of the website, the module for using training.

Full control of access to video

Training videos are fully protected against unauthorised access and downloading.

Conditionality of access to training

The training can be open to anyone, available only after login, paid or by subscription.

Creation of training categories

Assign training to a category and be able to display training in a specific category.


Payment gateway

Possibility of connecting payment gateways PayU, Stripe, etc.

Discount vouchers

Ability to add promotional codes to reduce product prices.

Access in a subscription/subscription model

Form of cyclical access to training.

Cross selling

Possibility of adding e-commerce with products other than training.

Abandoned cart

Email reminder functionality for products left in the shopping cart.


Display additional promotional offers generating increased revenue.


Enhanced user account

User account view showing training progress and order history.

Tracking users' progress

Compilation of information on recent user activities, training statistics in one place.

Automatic issue of certificates

Ability to automatically issue a certificate to a user on completion of a course, available in the user panel.

Adding groups

Assigning users to groups.

Automatic email notifications

Sending email notifications for events related to user activity in training courses.


Presentation of a scoreboard with the users who took the quiz or test.


Integration of invoicing software

The ability to automatically handle the issuing of sales documents on one of the popular online invoicing services.

Newsletter programme integration

Automatic collection of contacts, on sale, creation of mailing lists, creation of additional forms and automatic mailings.

Integration of mailing authentication system

Increasing the deliverability of emails to recipients' mailboxes.

Google Analytics & Adwords

Possibility to connect integration with Google tools for site traffic research and for paid promotion.